January 2012

Ross and his team did very well last Sunday

January 29, 2012 All At Sea 0

With a mixed catch of australian salmon, bonito, sweep and mackerel. Australian salmon, known as kahawai in New Zealand, are medium-sized perciform marine fish of the small family Arripidae. Four species are recognized, all within the genus Arripis; they are found in the wate …

Andrew caught a ‘lobster fish’ i.e. a Red Rock Cod

January 29, 2012 All At Sea 0

Good news, 13 year old Andrew caught a Red Rock Cod! They are common on NSW coastal reefs and may attain a total length of approx. 45cm. The Eastern Red Scorpionfish colouration is highly variable from light grey/brown to bright red with blotches or may also be a mottling of …

Michael’s team did well at Middle Ground off Cronulla

January 19, 2012 All At Sea 0

We picked up a tailor, trolling on our way home. Tailor are greenish blue or blue on the back and the sides and belly are silvery. Their fins are pale green, tinged with yellow and the base of the pectoral fins are bluish. Both jaws have numerous strong, sharp teeth and the l …

Mario came back, now catching a pike!

January 18, 2012 All At Sea 0

We like these fish! Most sea pike are taken on lightly-weighted or un-weighted baits of whitebait, anchovy or pilchards on ganged hooks or single, long-shanked hooks. They also fall to fish flesh strips, small live baits and pieces of squid. These baits should be a lightly we …