February 2012

A boat record 48 cm sixspine leather jacket!

February 26, 2012 All At Sea 1

The day started with a choppy sea but we pushed on to our nearest FAD, chasing mahi mahi. On the way we very lucky with a school of australian salmon. The team lost a few but brought in three, all good size. But the fish of the day was Rob’s 48 cm sixspine leather jacke …

This was one day we get in a hundred…

February 19, 2012 All At Sea 0

We had one of these magic days on the water today, no wind and the sea like a lake, clear sky, sunny and warm. With big schools of mackerel mixed in with bonito and reef fish. And Sammy The Seal wasn’t there stealing the catch like yesterday. The team did really well wi …

Mahi mahi down under! Lisa from Pennsylvania enjoyed the day

February 15, 2012 All At Sea 3

We were lucky with the sea conditions today. A little choppy to start with but the sea improved as the day went by. Very nice team, great catch of tuna and dolpin fish under Fisheries FAD. Water temp about 24.5 at 140 metres. Current from the north at 2, perhaps 2.5 knots.

It was a great day on the water with Herbert and his friends

February 12, 2012 All At Sea 4

We were luck with very good sea conditions and a box full of fish. The best fish was a mac tuna but also interesting with some mahi mahi, unfortunately less than 60 cm, the minimum legal size. Mackerel Tuna are striking looking fish, easily recognized by the patch of wavy mac …

Matt’s team hooked up a marlin, stripies and mackerels

February 11, 2012 All At Sea 1

Matt’s team had a good day today. Starting a bit slow with pretty lumpy sea, up to two metres and short and sharp. So we decided to head out about 4 nm to our nearest float, ie FAD. Nothing there but pushing on further east with our light tuna trolling gear we suddenly …