March 2012

Fish of the day: a 53 cm snapper

March 23, 2012 All At Sea 0

It’s been a very difficult season and the summer has been rained out. But we had an opening last Friday for Nick’s team from Mudgee, which is about four hours drive from Sydney. The fishing was good with a box of mixed reef and pelagic species. Other than good siz …

Off shore Tuna fishing with Michael’s team

March 22, 2012 All At Sea 0

We were concerned about the weather forecast and sea conditions but decided to at lease try to make it a day. After early choppy and wet conditions, the sky cleared and the sea settled down. The guys did well with a box of trevally, sweep, mackerel and lots of bonito.

All @ Sea’s Thai Fish Cocktails

March 18, 2012 All At Sea 2

Get your blender going and whip up following:  Coarsely chopped ½ large red capsicum  1 cm piece of chopped ginger  2 garlic cloves  3 table spoons of Sweet Chilli Sauce  Optional: a piece of Thai Palm sugar Throw in 500 g of any firm fish fillets. It can be Y …

Fishing with Westpac

March 12, 2012 All At Sea 0

It’s been a very strange and difficult season with lots of rain, wind and gale warnings. We haven’t had a summer, other than three days! After last weeks’ very heavy rain, we had 126 mm in less than 12 hours, with the dams are still overflowing. Fishing has been unpredi …

A Sunday fish bonanza

March 11, 2012 All At Sea 0

Hey, we had a very nice day today. Calm sea, blue and sunny sky and great fishing. Despite recent heavy rain and murky water, our catch rate was surprisingly good. And a nice mixed catch of bonito, tailor, mackerel, flathead, yellowtail, sweep and a 62 cm kingfish (undersize) …

Alastair’s striped tuna session

March 9, 2012 All At Sea 0

We had a very nice day out near the the FADs and floats off Port Hacking and on the continental shelf. Unfortunately the water tempraure had dropped with a the current from the south. Wew picked up a few mahi mahi but no keepers. But we came across a couple of schools of stri …

Bonito, bonito… and Mac tuna

March 5, 2012 All At Sea 0

Aaron’s team were very lucky with perfect sea conditions, clear sky and warm sun. Inshore trolling was very good with bonito all along the coast. We headed out to our nearest FAD but found only green cold water, about 20.1 C and no dolphinh fish. But bonito and mac tuna …

A box of mixed reef fish

March 4, 2012 All At Sea 1

The sea was a bit choppy in the morning but settled down as the day progressed. Matt’s team did well with a box of mixed reef fish. Other than maori wrasse, flathead, trevally, swwep and bonito, note the red goatfish. Goatfish are found on rocky reefs and sand patches a …

Tarwhine is a beutiful fish and excellent eating

March 3, 2012 All At Sea 0

We had Scott’s team onboard, also Nev and Scott R from Cairns, here with a 45 cm tarwhine. They travel in schools, so if you come across fish that are not biting or you can see they are only small, move on to another location to find a school that is bigger in size, the …