May 2012

Another nice autumn day at sea, and a box full of tuna

May 19, 2012 All At Sea 8

Yes, we had good sea conditions today. And a mix of fortunes, I guess. We went out to our nearest FAD for mahi mahi, about 4 nm off the coast. Water temperature at 21.1 C a little cool for the dollies but there were any number of small yellowtail king fish, just to throw back …

A windy Sunday, bonito city and a 49 cm morwong

May 13, 2012 All At Sea 4

Yes, it was a strong westerly wind with rough offshore conditions. But being close to the high cliffs and out of the wind, saved the day for us with a box of bonito. They were all caught while trolling with our five lines along the Royal National Park. Morwong have thick lips …

And here is Ross’s yummy gummy – shark

May 12, 2012 All At Sea 4

We had a great day today with a mix of pelagic and reef fish, i.e. red rock cod, wrasses, trevally, sweep, mackerel, mac tuna and more than a dozen bonito. And as you can see, Ross’s 1.2 metre gummy shark. This is a slender, white-spotted fish with pavement-like crushing te …

It was a cancelled weekend due to sea conditions!

May 6, 2012 All At Sea 2

Terrible sea conditions, there is no other way to describe it from a seafarer’s point of view. We met our fishing friends from Nokia at 6.30 am. The forecast was reasonable with 15 knots from the south and sea about 1.5 metre. But reality was different at 8:00, about two na …