August 2012

Tony is very happy with a box of flathead

August 30, 2012 All At Sea 0

As you may know, flathead can be fished for in a variety of ways. We are using dead baits like strips of fresh fillets, pilchards or some of our gusts insist on using meat. The trick is to let the sinker drag on the bottom or retrieving the bait slowly over the seabed. Flathe …

Moe caught a Long-Snouted Flounder. How about that!

August 26, 2012 All At Sea 2

We had another great day at sea today. But trolling for salmon didn’t produce, the massive schools of fish were feeding on match stick white bait and totally ignoring out little plastic lures. I don’t blame them. Reef fishing was a little slow, except Ahmed’s very nice …

We had a nice day with a box of mixed reef fish and flathead

August 5, 2012 All At Sea 14

And we had a great crew with Steve from Oatley, Dave from New Zealand, Ben from South Korea, Adrian and John from Melbourne. Adrian and John are staying in Cronulla for a six week training program. They are working for Boeing in Australia who is building the graphite wings fo …