March 2013

This Easter weekend has been good with nice sea conditions

March 31, 2013 All At Sea 0

We had guests from the west of Orange NSW as well as two father and sons teams. The wind initially came in from NW but turned around to South Westerly around mid-morning. Out wide it would be a little uncomfortable but we were under the cliffs at Marley headland and it was qu …

Today we were fishing Tuna Town. And where is that you ask?

March 30, 2013 All At Sea 0

We had a very nice day with calm seas, clear sky and water at 23.6 C off-shore. It is a little strange with the current now running to the north. And it has changed the off-shore picture completely, we couldn’t find the mahi’s at our FAD that we were targeting. The Port H …

Today we were fishing Tuna City!

March 20, 2013 All At Sea 0

We had a very nice day at sea with light wind, slight sea and clear sky. With very nice and clear water at 24.4 C degrees. Unfortunately the dolphin fish were not at home at the FAD off Port Hacking, probably out chasing food. But striped tuna and bonito made of for it with m …

An early autumn day at sea with dolphin fish and tuna

March 9, 2013 All At Sea 0

At last! After a very difficult couple of months with gale and wind warning and big seas, we had a very nice week with calm sea and clear skies. That gave us the opportunity to head out to the FADs chasing dolphin fish, also known as mahi mahi. This time we decided to head no …