December 2014

A Team from Brazil was fishing with us – and Gabriel rocks!

December 29, 2014 All At Sea 0

Fish of the day was Gabriel’s blue Morwong.  It’s a nice fish with white firm flesh. They are prefect for baking, steaming or the barbecue. Or wrap them in foil with you’re a little butter and your favorite herbs. It is a good idea to put two or three cuts on either si …

An offshore reef fishing weekend – with a box of mixed fish

December 22, 2014 All At Sea 0

And nice sea conditions with calm seas. As it is this time of the year the north easterly sea breezes are kicking in around midday which is not a problem for our half-day events. Thank you Team, and special thank you to Lawrence from Hong Kong who came back for the fourth tim …

Happy birthday Glyn and hope you enjoyed a fish dinner.

December 14, 2014 All At Sea 0

After strong wind previous days the sea settled down last Sunday to calm conditions, a slow rolling swell and a nice sunny and warm day. Unfortunately we didn’t hook up the tuna or kingfish that we were offshore trolling for. But fishing was good, as you can see, with a mix …

A Zoo Keeper that also knows how to catch a Blue Morwong!!

December 6, 2014 All At Sea 0

For once I will share a few personal thoughts with you. After twelve years in the fishing charter business I still find it very interesting and a lot of fun. One factor is the unexpected things that may happen and that every day is different at sea. It can be a special fish o …