December 7, 2013


Yes, a first for the season, we hooked up a beautiful golden dolphin fish, also known as mahi mahi in the US or Dorado in South America and Spain. It was last Saturday 7th December. It is very unusual that they are coming through so early in December. Last season was late with the first fish caught in late January. As you can see in the pictures, in addition to mahi mahi we struck a good size tuna and lots of yellowtail kingfish. They were all unfortunately just undersize but great sport fishing fun on light spinning gear. And Monique hooked up a very nice silver bream. The team did well with a great catch and it was a very nice day.

On the following day, conditions were still good but the swell was up. But with 10 to 12 seconds between the waves it was quite good and after a reef fishing session we went back to the off-shore kingfish spot. Again good sport fishing and fun with multiple hook-ups but unfortunately not a keeper. One was very close at 63 centimetres; they need to be 65 cm! Come back next month is all I can say.

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