Sergeant Baker – this was a fine catch for Suzanna

January 18, 2013 All At Sea 0

The Sergeant Baker fish is probably named after Governor Phillip’s orderly sergeant, William Baker. As you can see, they can be recognised by its long tapering body, blotched coloration and its behavior of sitting on top of rocks looking out for passing prey, as divers …

Squid, a Southern Calamari – hey how good are they!

November 3, 2012 All At Sea 3

They are very good eating. Fins are broad, as you can see in the picture, and extend full length of the mantle. These marine cephalopods have mottled purpley-brown skin with long, rounded side fins running almost the full length of their body, 8 shorter arms and 2 longer tent …

Hey, even a Yankee can catch a fish Down Under :-)

October 20, 2012 All At Sea 5

Yep, it was a nice day with Keith, Bruce, Phillip, Matthew and Harry and Bob from Florida. We had a very nice session with a massive school of baitfish on the surface with gannets and mutton birds diving like crazy to reach the food. And all stirred up by dolphins feeding and …

A nice day at sea with Australian salmon in the ice box

September 9, 2012 All At Sea 2

Yes, it was a good day today with a mix of fishing techniques, i.e. reef fishing on anchor, trolling for pelagic species and drifting for flathead. And the winner today was trolling and tracking down a school of salmon along the Royal National Park. They are a great sport fis …