Yellowtail Kingfish

A marlin at Middle Ground! The first for the season.

January 11, 2016 All At Sea 0

It was an exciting day at sea last Saturday 9th January. At Middle Ground we found massive schools of mackerel on the surface, chased by predators below. And our big live mackerel work well with Adam hooking up a 70 kilo marlin. Unfortunately lost after a 15 minute battle. An …

It was a dark and stormy night with rain bucketing down ☺

May 3, 2015 All At Sea 0

Actually not so bad after all but we were very close to postponing the day with offshore swell up to four meters, wind from the south to 20 knots and rain on the radar. But Joanne’s team was happy to go along and make it as good a day as possible for Gary ‘the birthday &h …

A November update – with mixed sea conditions and catch rates

November 17, 2014 All At Sea 0

We haven’t updated the Latest News for a while and the reason is that November this year has been strange with big seas, strong winds and cancellations. For the last three weekends with six scheduled event we had to defer three days. Saturday 1st November was quite good wit …


December 7, 2013 All At Sea 0

Yes, a first for the season, we hooked up a beautiful golden dolphin fish, also known as mahi mahi in the US or Dorado in South America and Spain. It was last Saturday 7th December. It is very unusual that they are coming through so early in December. Last season was late wit …

A bunch of Snappers saved the day!

September 22, 2013 All At Sea 0

It was an interesting day with very nice sea condition, a warm and pleasant day with clear sky. But fishing started very slow, no kingfish or salmon as we expected. We proceeded to our favourite reef north of Stanwell Park which fished was a little better. Then plan B brought …