A boat record 48 cm sixspine leather jacket!

The day started with a choppy sea but we pushed on to our nearest FAD, chasing mahi mahi. On the way we very lucky with a school of australian salmon. The team lost a few but brought in three, all good size.
But the fish of the day was Rob’s 48 cm sixspine leather jacket which is the biggest one we have seen on the boat.
The fish is light green with light-blue lines and blotches all over. The ventral flap has thin blue and yellow lines. It has a dorsal spine above the eye with four rows of barbs. The skin is rough without scales. This diverse group of relatively small, scaleless, rough-skinned fish have tiny mouths, beak-like teeth and a stout, serrated dorsal spine behind the head. With their sharp and strong teeth, they can bite off lines hooks and sinker! They are very good eating

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