Australian salmon

A nice day at sea with Australian salmon in the ice box

Yes, it was a good day today with a mix of fishing techniques, i.e. reef fishing on anchor, trolling for pelagic species and drifting for flathead.
And the winner today was trolling and tracking down a school of salmon along the Royal National Park. They are a great sport fish and good fun for the crew. And we also like them for the table. The key is to bleed them quickly and put them on ice to preserve the quality of freshness.
For cooking, we like to keep it simple. Just fillet the fish, remove the skin, cut out the blood line in the middle of each fillet, cut into biggish pieces and marinate for a few hours in things you like. For us it is soy, ginger, honey and garlic. And cook quickly on a hot bbq, and then let it rest while you have a glass of chilled white wine!

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