A windy Sunday, bonito city and a 49 cm morwong

Yes, it was a strong westerly wind with rough offshore conditions. But being close to the high cliffs and out of the wind, saved the day for us with a box of bonito. They were all caught while trolling with our five lines along the Royal National Park.
Morwong have thick lips, which is why they are sometimes known as rubber lip morwong. They are pale silvery blue and sometimes have a brownish hue. Morwong feed mainly at night and their diet includes crustaceans and molluscs.
We found this fish on a patch of reef in about 20 metre of water. James did really well, hooking up and bringing in a 49 cm blue morwong with our light 4.5 kilo spinning gear.

How to cook? With whole fish like this, we recommend that you keep the scales on to keep the flesh moist. Then just fill the stomach cavity with your favourite herbs and spices, butter and lemon. Wrap up the fish in a double layer of foil and cook in a moderate oven for thirty minutes.

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