After a difficult recent period we have a GREAT Deep Sea Fishing Trip on the weekend.

Yes, after a number of Deep Sea Fishing events having been cancelled due to weather, Frank is probably holding the record of being rescheduled multiple times.

Yesterday was Franks fifth rescheduled Deep Sea Fishing trip and the waiting paid off him, we had a very pleasant down south near The Hump which is in approx 70m just south of Garrie Beach.

With nice sea conditions, early spring sun, a great team and good fishing, what more can you ask for?

And the catch rate was above average with a box of mixed fish like snapper, pigfish, leather jacket, ocean whiting as we call them, i.e. pike.

We fished across a number of reefs off the Royal National Park in 40m – 100m and were rewarded with a box of great reef fish and good weather. We caught a number of Snapper, Morwong, Pigfish, Leather Jackets, and more. Everyone was very happy and took a nice feed home for dinner.

Deep Sea Fishing charters with All at Sea can be booked Online as a SHARED or PRIVATE Trip depending how many people you have that wish to come fishing.

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