Alastair’s striped tuna session

We had a very nice day out near the the FADs and floats off Port Hacking and on the continental shelf. Unfortunately the water tempraure had dropped with a the current from the south. Wew picked up a few mahi mahi but no keepers. But we came across a couple of schools of striped tuna on the shelf and in about 70 fathom. All in all eight fish and good size, about 2 to 3 kilo.

Striped tuna are pelagic fish and feed on the surface, and you can sometimes see them when in a large school. You can either come in close and cast lures into the school or troll your favorite small ‘christmas’ lures. Stripies in our waters range from one to six kilo.

We like to keep them for a feed, and always make sure to bleed them immediately. They are very nice for fish patties, baked whole, boiled (like turning into canned tuna) or sashimi!

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