And another day at sea with rain, rain and more rain

We blame the bureau of methodology and the forecast of light early showers. But never mind, the team did really well with a couple of boxes of mixed fish. And Mark is still smiling about his catch of the day, a nice groper.

The Eastern Blue Groper is a member of the Wrasse family who inhabit close inshore reefs and rocky headlands. The Groper is one of many fish who change from female to male at some time during their life. The females are found in a brown/red colour. And that is what Mark and Teresa are having for dinner!

Gropers are born a lighter brown and as they grow older they turn darker in colour and then turn blue. This transition usually occurs when a fish reaches between 6 and 9 kilos in size. They are excellent eating. Due to the very low numbers of these fish, fisheries had to place a spear fishing and line fishing ban on these fish. Now NSW Fisheries allow two fish to be caught per person per day by line only, with spear fishing banned.

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