Gummy Shark

And here is Ross’s yummy gummy – shark

We had a great day today with a mix of pelagic and reef fish, i.e. red rock cod, wrasses, trevally, sweep, mackerel, mac tuna and more than a dozen bonito. And as you can see, Ross’s 1.2 metre gummy shark.
This is a slender, white-spotted fish with pavement-like crushing teeth. They grow to a maximum of 1.75 metre. The gummy shark often occurs in small schools composed predominantly of one sex and size group and is common in coastal waters of Australia’s southern half. Research conducted by tagging in on the east coast has shown that it is capable of long migrations to South Australia and Western Australia.
If you see items like fish cocktail, boneless fillet or flake in a fish shop – it is gummy shark and very nice eating.

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