banjo shark

Another nice autumn day at sea, and a box full of tuna

Yes, we had good sea conditions today. And a mix of fortunes, I guess. We went out to our nearest FAD for mahi mahi, about 4 nm off the coast. Water temperature at 21.1 C a little cool for the dollies but there were any number of small yellowtail king fish, just to throw back.
So a box of the bonito saved the day! And we had Moe onboard again, showing off his fishing skills with a banjo shark.
Banjo shark is also known as Eastern Fiddler Ray and can be recognised by the triangular pattern behind the eyes. It has a slender tail and two prominent triangular dorsal fins. The species grows to 1.2 m in length. Some people eat them, by cutting off the tail or fins; it would be like other sharks, i.e. bone less cutlets and good eating.

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