goat fish and a box of bonito

Anzac Day at sea, and it was a windy Wednesday offshore

Anzac day is a public holiday in Australia and we had an opportunity to go fishing. The forecast was within the range we were looking for. But unfortunately the westerly wind arrived early and we had to come in from the FAD and work closer to the coast line for calmer water and inshore trolling.
The guys did well and hooked up a dozen bonito off the Royal National Park. We also stopped on a patch of reef for some light sport fishing and bottom fishing. Robert pulled in the fish of the day, a nice size goatfish.
Goatfishes are found on rocky reefs and sand patches among reefs from 5-100m depth. They feed on the bottom using their two sensitive chin barbels to dig into the sediment and locate food items.
Small goatfish forage on the bottom in loose schools, hunting for invertebrates such as small crustaceans and worms. Larger individuals, like Robert’s fish, also feed on small fishes. Goatfish are excellent eating.

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