Common Fish Species we catch

Fish we target on a Cronulla Fishing Charter Adventure.

Yellowtail Kingfish

Fishing Charter Cronulla
As you may know, the minimum size in NSW for Kingfish is 65 cm and we have thrown back quite a few. Kingfish are an excellent sports fish and can be caught all year although are in greater numbers around the coast durning the summer months. They are good fun to catch, easy to clean and an excellent table fish.  Please see this link for more information about a Cronulla Fishing Charter


cronulla fishing charter
Leatherjackets ! What can you say? Unless you have been out with us, or on your own or with other operators along the Sydney coast, you may not know what it means to be fishing when these creatures are around.

I have been fishing the waters off Port Hacking for thirty years and never seen leather jackets in numbers such as during the last few years. They are along the coast in massive schools! But it is also a kind of two edged sword. In a reasonable size they are quite good to eat and easy to catch and some people love them. They are easy to cook and kids like them because of the white flesh and no bones. Twenty per person is the bag limit. But jackets are also making it difficult to reach the flathead or reef spices like snapper and morwong that we like – they are often snatching the bait as it is sinking south! Fishing jackets can be an expensive day out because of their sharp parrot like teeth – they bite of lines, hooks and sinkers. Please see this link for more information about a SHARED Deep Sea Charters


Tuna fishing charter cronulla
We really like all of the tunas! They are fun to catch and very good eating. To catch Yellowfin Tuna off Sydney it is all about preparation. It is all about water temperature, currents, upwellings, bait, etc… we use SST (sea surface temperature) websites to track good Tuna water throughout the winter which gives us the best chance of being in the right place to catch a big Yellowfin.

Please see this link for more information about a Tuna Charter in Cronulla

Dolphin fish

Mahi Mahi Charter Cronulla
This is another awesome Sports fish that we catch off Sydney during the summer months when the water temperature reached above 23deg offshore! When the warm currents from the north hit Sydney, we target dollies or Mahi Mahi around the off-shore FADs which is about 12 miles out from the coast.

Please see this link for more information about a Mahi Mahi Fishing Charter Cronulla


Deep Sea Fishing Charter
You all know this fish very well. To successfully target Snapper we need make sure we are fishing on the reef. Off Cronulla is largely a sand bottom, so you need to be prepared to travel to find the reef / gravel grounds. Snapper are targeted in water depth of 30m to 140m off the Sydney coast

Please see this link for more information about a Snapper Fishing Charter Cronulla

Other Reef species
On a Cronulla Fishing Charter we often catch a range of reef fish, for example wrasses, sweep, sarget baker, red rock cod fish, tarwhine and bream, trevally, morwong, pig fish, goat fish and grouper.

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