December 6, 2014

A Zoo Keeper that also knows how to catch a Blue Morwong!!

For once I will share a few personal thoughts with you. After twelve years in the fishing charter business I still find it very interesting and a lot of fun. One factor is the unexpected things that may happen and that every day is different at sea. It can be a special fish or sea creatures as well as animals like whales, dolphins, seals and birds, etc.

The other main element is the people side of a charter day. It is so interesting to learn about our guest’s work and range of skills.  As an example, last Saturday we had following crew:

  • Jackie was the elected team leader. She is a Zoo Keeper at Western Plain Zoo in Dubbo.
  • Lindsay is working for NRMA and helping people with broken cars and flat tyres
  • Darren is working on civil engineering projects in Canberra
  • John is a fireman from Dubbo
  • Don and Cameron. Don is an ex Navy commander, now working as a mentor for displaced senior executives and CEOs.
  • Graham is producing ready-made sandwiches for Seven 11 and Woolworths.

And the common thing is that they all enjoy being out at sea and sharing a nice experience with like-minded. How good is that?


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