February 6, 2015

Mahi mahi, skipjack tuna and a marlin strike, what more can you ask for in a day?

We had a very nice offshore day with Damian, Scott, and Brett from Melbourne, Tim from Sydney.  Also Andrew and Mike who come back after their first reef fishing trip with us a few years  ago.

Despite not being able to find our secret FADs due to a strong 2 knot current running south, the team did well as we were heading out to Fisheries FAD 12 nm offshore. Every 10 minutes so they brought in six nice skipjack tuna.

Once on the FAD the fun started with good size mahi mahi coming in, all around 65 to 78 cm. But Scott hooked up the fish of the day!! A 1.25 meter beautiful dolly, weighing in at close to nine kilos. It took some effort, well done Scott and team.

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