Dollies and tuna

Friday 13th February – no bad luck here, we had a great blue water offshore day!

With a little windy south westerly, the sea settled down as we headed out wide to Fisheries Port Hacking FAD. The FAD is a couple of miles from the continental shelf and the water is beautifully blue and clear. And at 25.5 C it is very special.

With the water so clear, when the dolphin fish are hooked up and come towards the boat you can see the bright green, blue and yellow colours. Or sometimes the bright golden colour as Georgette found with her 77 cm catch.

We also found skipjack tuna on the way east and also on the way back to Cronulla. Some were up towards four kilos and very nice sport fish.

Great team, good catch and a very pleasant day. Thank you all.

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