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Hey, mackerels and Kingfish are biting. As Darryl and his friends found out today

Today it was easy, but at times Kingfish are difficult to catch with strip squid as the Mackerel take the bait before it gets down to the Kingfish.

Blue mackerel is known as a voracious and indiscriminate feeder, they will devour microscopic plankton and krill, live anchovy, engulf dead cut bait, or take blank hooks without bait, as they did today.

They are relatively small in size, but score high for their fighting ability. Just by taking fillets from the body and cooking with the skin on is an easy way for making it a very nice meal.
We like them, also smoked or baked with horseradish.

Enough about the Mackerel… the real reason we where here was for the beautiful Kingfish which were ALL between 65cm and 75cm today.

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Kingfish Charter Cronulla

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