Hammerhead shark

Hey, this Ian’s first hammerhead shark

Hammerhead sharks are amazing predators that use their oddly shaped heads to improve their ability to find prey. Their wide-set eyes give them a very good visual range and they can scan the ocean for their prey.
It’s amazing, they have a group of sensors which allows them detect electrical fields created by prey animals. The hammerhead’s sensitivity allows it to find its favorite meals, like stingrays and other attractive targets buried under the sand.
So Ian’s little guy went back to sea because NSW Australia is heading an effort to save hammerhead shark from extinction. The government recently passed legislation to protect the great and scalloped hammerhead sharks in NSW waters, two species whose numbers are being endangered by local fishing and an appetite for shark fin soup.
We agree with that initiative because the listings will ban the sale and possession of these threatened species and help to provide a safe haven for them in our waters.

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