Hey, this is a nice fish! A 44 cm Snapper caught by 14 year old Alex

Yes, it was caught today inside the Merries Reef off Cronulla at our secret spot. It is known as ‘Anchor Here’ but we are not giving you the GPS marks quite yet. It was a wonderful morning with lots of mackerel being caught and causing mayhem with tangled lines, blood, guts and fish everywhere.
That was until the southerly wind arrived. According to the forecasts it was due by midday but it arrived just after 9:00 and grew steadily in strength up to more than 50 knots around midday. With the young people onboard we decided to go up the river to a quiet little bay known as Deer Park and Victor picked up a nice flounder for his dinner.
Alex’s Snapper is regarded as one of the glamour fish of saltwater fishing. They vary in colour from red to golden pink, to light grey on their backs and sides, with numerous small, blue spots.
We find them offshore throughout the southern half of Australia, often near reefs, underwater structures including limestone ledges, and man-made structures such as artificial reefs and wrecks.
Snapper reach the minimum legal catch length of 30cm. The natural diet of snapper includes crabs, sea urchins, scallops, clams and mussels.

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