Flathead fishing

Ingrid had fun at sea, catching sand flathead and other bits and pieces

Yes, we are very pleased about the early spring with nice sea conditions and clear skies. Ingrid and Andrew from Newcastle did particularly well on the flathead grounds. Andrew’s best one came in at 48 centimetres, this is pretty much as big as they grow.
Sand flathead has three or four dark bands on the upper half and two black bars on the lower half. The colour can vary but it is normally mid-brown with creamy spots. The flesh is white and firm and can be a little dry. When cooking, it is best to wrap it in foil or coat fillets with egg wash, bread crumbs and your favourite spices to keep the moisture.
Other than the flathead the team also caught fish like six-spined leather jacket, crimson wrasse, yellow tail, sea sweep, pike and very good size mackerel at our secret reef!

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