Easter monday

It’s been a terrible Easter weekend weather-wise. Warnings, big seas and cancellations until…

…today Easter Monday morning. The forecast was good, sea settling down and wind dropping. All good. The only issue we found was fog, and very heavy at that!

As you can see in the top left picture, or not see, is the wharf as we approach about 15 meters away.

The second picture bottom left is as we leave Port Hacking and head out to sea. Picture courtesy of Fiona Thomson.

Top right picture is today’s catch. A good mixed box with snapper, wrasses, trevally, samson fish, mac tuna, bonito and good size pike.

On the bottom right corner you can see Notorious, a year 1480 replica of a Portuguese caravel. We had a quick look as we were passing by and I think our guests found it interesting.

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