It was a cancelled weekend due to sea conditions!

Terrible sea conditions, there is no other way to describe it from a seafarer’s point of view. We met our fishing friends from Nokia at 6.30 am. The forecast was reasonable with 15 knots from the south and sea about 1.5 metre. But reality was different at 8:00, about two nautical miles out at sea, when we aborted the event and went back home.
The conditions got worse later in the morning with wind gusts were up to 28 knots off Kurnell at 10:17. And sea between 2.06 to 3.27 metre at 5.64 seconds interval. That is like being in a washing machine! It is definitely not a pleasure to be offshore in conditions like that.
We also cancelled today Sunday because of the sea conditions and large swell inshore and offshore.
But the forecast is much better for next week and we might be out on Thursday 10 May, chasing tuna and mahi mahi. Anybody interested?

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