Tuna fishing

It was another great winter day with calm seas and warm sun. And reef fishing turned into sport fishing – for tuna!

The day started with a good mixed batch of reef fish at our favorite reef, also the home of masses of mackerel. But after breakfast and moving on to another reef, the action slowed down a little and we agreed to head out wide searching for tuna. But about three nautical miles southeast we found nothing. Think; think again…perhaps they are closer to the rocks in shallow water, about 25 to 30 meters?

And there they were! Just off Marley headland in the Royal National Park, feeding on schools of sardines. The team did really well as we were circling the area and landing a box full of skipjack.

And we have to remember the humpback show with the animals breaching and slapping the tails in the distance but also close to the boat.

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