charter fishing

Joe from Scotland enjoyed a day offshore, catching tuna on Australia Day

The depth range of skipjack tuna can be from surface waters to 260m during the day, but at night it is much shallower. As the guys onboard now knows, striped tuna or stripies are a schooling fish having a general tendency to school by size. We had a multiple hook-up of four stripies just south of our Botany Bay FAD. We landed three, all around the two kilo mark.
Try new ways to enjoy stripies as food, for example, chill and cut it into slices for sashimi, or cut into cubes and then wrapped in bacon and put on skewers for the bbq, cut in sections and boil and break up the meat into flakes – much better than any canned tuna and without preservatives and other additives.
And whatever is left, don’t waste it. Use the offcuts for bait and the frame and head for crab bait.
And thank you heaps to Steve Murray helping out on the deck, cleaning fish, etc. Well done!

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