Bonito are coming back to the sea off Port hacking

Josh from Florida hooked up a very nice bonito

Bonito have moderately large, strong jaws which carry a single row of relatively small, but distinct, conical teeth. They are generally dark green to blue on the back, silvery-green on the sides and silvery-white on the belly. A series of dark, longitudinal stripes are evident along the fish’s upper and middle flanks. When fresh, these stripes may be broken into separate dashes by lighter, vertical bars. The stripes of the bonito are limited to the fish’s upper and middle flanks. 

Bonito are found around the entire coast of Australia and feed on small baitfish in coastal waters.  They grow to a maximum weight of about 5 kg. We really like bonito, good sport fish and great eating when handled correctly, ie bled and put on ice without delay.

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