Sea pike

Mario came back, now catching a pike!

We like these fish! Most sea pike are taken on lightly-weighted or un-weighted baits of whitebait, anchovy or pilchards on ganged hooks or single, long-shanked hooks. They also fall to fish flesh strips, small live baits and pieces of squid. These baits should be a lightly weighted and kept moving. A gentle jigging motion will often attract snook. Snook are also keen lure-takers and fall to slow-trolled spoons, jigs, feathers and minnows, particularly on weighted lines or behind paravanes. Eating Qualities: The snook is a very good to excellent table fish, much prized in southern waters. The fish’s flesh is white, moist and sweet, although a little soft. Care should be taken not to bruise the meat, and all snook should be cleaned promptly after capture.

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