Matt’s team hooked up a marlin, stripies and mackerels

Matt’s team had a good day today. Starting a bit slow with pretty lumpy sea, up to two metres and short and sharp. So we decided to head out about 4 nm to our nearest float, ie FAD. Nothing there but pushing on further east with our light tuna trolling gear we suddenly had a great hook-up – a striped marlin around the 100 kg mark! After a few minutes and sensational out of water jumps, unfortunately the hook pulled out.
But they also caught a couple of striped tuna. The skipjack or striped tuna is also known by many Australian anglers as the “stripey”. As with all the tunas, the name “tunny” is still sometimes used, and skipjacks are often confused with bonito. In the past, skipjack were not often eaten in Australia because of their dark, blood-rich meat and strong flavour. However, if bled promptly and kept on ice they are quite palatable in casseroles, pies or when baked. They are also well suited to canning, smoking, salting and drying.

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