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Michael caught a groper up the river at South West Arm

Well done Michael, as you now know the thick bodied gropers have peg teeth, heavy scales, a large tail and thick lips. Juveniles, as the one you caught, are brown to green brown. Adult females are brown to reddish-brown. Each scale may have a darker red spot. The adult males have the bright blue coloring that gives the fish their name, as blue groper.
All blue gropers begin their life as females. As they mature, they go through an initial phase, in which they may be male or female, before developing their adult coloring and reaching the terminal phase. Normally we catch them on offshore reefs so it was a little unusual and interesting to see one deep into Port Hacking. They are a very nice table fish but it was a pleasure to see her released to grow for another day. Thank you Rupert and Karen for arranging the afternoon with your team of seven young boys, fishing with us today. Well done guys and good luck with your fishing adventures.

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