Moe caught a Long-Snouted Flounder. How about that!

We had another great day at sea today. But trolling for salmon didn’t produce, the massive schools of fish were feeding on match stick white bait and totally ignoring out little plastic lures. I don’t blame them. Reef fishing was a little slow, except Ahmed’s very nice blue morwong. But drifting for flathead was good with some nice fish caught.
But fish of the day was Moe’s flounder. Did you know that when first hatched, flounder have one eye on each side of their head and swim in the normal vertical manner. Then, as the fish matures one eye moves around the head to join the other. The fish then lies on the blind side on the bottom with both eyes uppermost. Pretty clever, eh? The eyed side becomes dark as you can see in the picture and the blind side is yellow or white.
Flounder is a delicate tasting white flesh and we like it a lot. They have become very popular in restaurants because of a mild flavour and their unusual appearance. They are often served whole or can be boned-out. We think it is best with the bones left in to provide an attractive appearance.
Flounders bake beautifully either as they come, or with a stuffing of fresh herbs and lemon zest. Or they can also be grilled with a little oil and lemon juice. Or just fried in a large pan with lemon butter and dill. But please do not overcook.

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