Shimano fishing gear

Our guests often ask what kind of fishing gear we are using…

And the answer is, as you can see, we are exclusively using Shimano rods and reels. All in the range from:
1. Light spinng gear for various surface fish
2. Charter Specials loaded up with 10 kilo main line and 9 kilo trace. Most of the time they are set up with paternoster rig for reef fishing or a simple trace for trolling for the pelagics
3. A set of 24 kilo game/sport fishing gear supported by stand-up gimble belts

As proof of the quality, some of our Charter Specials are more than twelve years old! You can image the work they have been put through and the fish they have brought in. The key is regular service by Shimano’s Service Centre at Taren Point.

At Shimano, responsibility means striving to do what is right, being a good neighbor in the community, and integrating social and environmental priorities into our factory and our relationships with dealers, distributors and business partners. It also means communicating about our efforts to address social and environmental issues that matter to our customers.

Corporate responsibility is part of the heritage. It is also an integral part of the business strategy. Our customers’ trust is a precious asset and one we strive to preserve and build every day. We know we must have that trust to achieve our vision of being “our customers’ favorite product and way to fish.”

We at All At Sea Charters in Sydney and Cronulla strongly support Shimano products, support and staff.

We work hard to understand the complex issues that confront our industry and how we can make a significant difference. As you will see, we invest in a commitment to industry leadership.

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