An early autumn day at sea with dolphin fish and tuna

March 9, 2013 All At Sea 0

At last! After a very difficult couple of months with gale and wind warning and big seas, we had a very nice week with calm sea and clear skies. That gave us the opportunity to head out to the FADs chasing dolphin fish, also known as mahi mahi. This time we decided to head no …

From Russia with love!

November 18, 2012 All At Sea 0

Welcome back to Australia, Valentin. It was nice to see you onboard today and you didn’t miss the opportunity to catch the fish of the day. It is a Gummy Shark and this one is 1.15 metre and came in at about 4.2 kilo. Gummy shark is a high quality fish suitable for all kind …

Moe caught a Long-Snouted Flounder. How about that!

August 26, 2012 All At Sea 2

We had another great day at sea today. But trolling for salmon didn’t produce, the massive schools of fish were feeding on match stick white bait and totally ignoring out little plastic lures. I don’t blame them. Reef fishing was a little slow, except Ahmed’s very nice …

Mac Tuna, also known as Little Tunny and False Albacore.

July 7, 2012 All At Sea 7

The day was overcast and a little windy but the catch was good with a box of mac tuna, bonito and mixed reef fish. Mackerel Tuna are striking looking fish, easily recognized by the patch of wavy mackerel-like markings on the back which extend from the dorsal fin to the tail a …

A windy Sunday, bonito city and a 49 cm morwong

May 13, 2012 All At Sea 4

Yes, it was a strong westerly wind with rough offshore conditions. But being close to the high cliffs and out of the wind, saved the day for us with a box of bonito. They were all caught while trolling with our five lines along the Royal National Park. Morwong have thick lips …

And here is Ross’s yummy gummy – shark

May 12, 2012 All At Sea 4

We had a great day today with a mix of pelagic and reef fish, i.e. red rock cod, wrasses, trevally, sweep, mackerel, mac tuna and more than a dozen bonito. And as you can see, Ross’s 1.2 metre gummy shark. This is a slender, white-spotted fish with pavement-like crushing te …