Tuna Preparation

Eight year old Hayden caught a Port Jackson Shark

July 15, 2012 All At Sea 5

Eight year old Hayden caught a Port Jackson Shark Yes, it was almost as big as himself! Port Jackson Sharks grows to 1.65 m in length. More commonly, males grow to 75 cm and females between 80 cm and 95 cm, about the size Hayden caught. The Port Jackson Shark occurs in southe …

Mac Tuna, also known as Little Tunny and False Albacore.

July 7, 2012 All At Sea 7

The day was overcast and a little windy but the catch was good with a box of mac tuna, bonito and mixed reef fish. Mackerel Tuna are striking looking fish, easily recognized by the patch of wavy mackerel-like markings on the back which extend from the dorsal fin to the tail a …

And another day at sea with rain, rain and more rain

June 10, 2012 All At Sea 0

We blame the bureau of methodology and the forecast of light early showers. But never mind, the team did really well with a couple of boxes of mixed fish. And Mark is still smiling about his catch of the day, a nice groper. The Eastern Blue Groper is a member of the Wrasse fa …

A Sunday fish bonanza

March 11, 2012 All At Sea 0

Hey, we had a very nice day today. Calm sea, blue and sunny sky and great fishing. Despite recent heavy rain and murky water, our catch rate was surprisingly good. And a nice mixed catch of bonito, tailor, mackerel, flathead, yellowtail, sweep and a 62 cm kingfish (undersize) …

Alastair’s striped tuna session

March 9, 2012 All At Sea 0

We had a very nice day out near the the FADs and floats off Port Hacking and on the continental shelf. Unfortunately the water tempraure had dropped with a the current from the south. Wew picked up a few mahi mahi but no keepers. But we came across a couple of schools of stri …

Tuna preparation for cooking

December 14, 2011 All At Sea 1

This not a specific cooking recipe but more about preparing fish like striped tuna, mackerel tuna and other pelagic species. By the way, credit goes to Deckie Steve who came up with this and it has been proven correct with many people saying, “That’s the best piece of fis …