Mahi Mahi - nice fish

They have arrived!! Who are they you say, and the answers is ….Dollies

And that is what we call them. They are named Dolphin fish is Australia, perhaps not the best name. In the US they are called Mahi Mahi and in Spain and South America they are known as Dorado.

Either way, they are a great fish to catch. Did you know that they are the fastest growing fish in the sea, growing one centimeter a day? This is one of our favorite fish because they are wonderful to look at with green, yellow and blue bodies. It is a great sport fish that is working you hard – and they are excellent eating.

They are here early this year, last time they came in around late January.

Today was very good opening of the season with four dollies brought in and a few throwbacks, the team also hooked up four skipjack tuna. We had a triple strike and then a single fish on the way to the Continental Shelf.

Because Geoffrey asked, we finished the day with a half box of reef fish at Middle Ground.

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