This is our favorite time of the year…

…with warm water from the north, with an exception last weekend with big seas,  we have had very nice sea conditions and good fishing. So as you can see in the pictures we have had some unusual catches, for example:

Watson’s leaping bonito. It is a sub-tropical fish, very unusual in our waters. They frequents coastal waters of northern waters and are  more abundant in Queensland where schools swim inshore to feed on small baitfish. It is different from the common Bonito by having a combination of spots and broken bars above the lateral line and continuous longitudinal lines below.

We hooked up some small Yellofin tuna in shallow water at Middle Ground off Cronulla. As you may know, these fish grow very big, up to hundred kilos or more. In this case they small but also unusual to catch in shallow waters off Cronulla.

The FAD’s have also been working well with mahi mahi up to 90 cm and in good numbers. But we limit the catch to two or three fish per person for a sustainable environment.

And as you can see in the picture Therese was happy with her striped tuna which took some time and effort to bring in. Well done Theresa!

As you may know, skipjack is small to medium fish with a very thickset, barrel-like body that tapers abruptly to a relatively small, upright tail. They are good fun as sport fish, we like them and also as table fish, sliced up for sashimi or prepared as steaks on the BBQ. Or prepared as canned tuna without preservatives.

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