This was an unexpected catch and Nancy was really excited

This was an unexpected catch and Nancy was really excited :-)

We were doing an offshore reef fishing event and decided to head north off the cliffs and lighthouse at Kurnell. We are into a good stretch of weather and had wonderful sea conditions and a clear sunny sky. Fishing was a little slow to start with but picked up as we moved back into our favortite reef. It is a reef spot with a drop from 20 to 30 metres within less than 100 metres.  It is good place with lots of boulders and hiding places for crabs and other creatures. And the fish follow for a feed, like gummy shark, blue morwong and nannygai.

And as you can see, the unexpected catch was Kenji’s cuttlefish. They are members of a group of molluscs known as cephalopods, which also includes squid and octopuses. You may have seen cuttlebones washed onto the beach. They are the skeletons of the cuttlefish and the backbone. They feed mostly on crustaceans.

If you have been scuba diving, these intelligent animals are an experience to watch as they often change colour to match their environment. So the message is, leave them for others to enjoy, as we did.

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