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Today was a good day at sea with light wind and less than a metre sea, and a box of mixed reef fish and bonito

Hey, after a couple of difficult months due to sea conditions and warnings, we have finally struck some good weather. We did our trolling run around Jibbon Bombora and then headed south along the Royal National Park. We expected a few strikes with kingies or bonito but no luck. So we pulled up on a reef in about 22 meters and it worked well with about a dozen silver trevally coming in. We also hooked up snapper, red rock cod, and a couple of wrasses. And good fun with a couple of live yellowtail under a balloon which resulted in two very good size bonito. And to top it off, Kayleigh hooked up a large-toothed flounder as you can see in the picture.
Flounders: it is amazing, when hatched they have one eye on each side of their head and swim in the normal vertical manner. But as the fish matures one eye moves around the head to join the other. That is very clever; the fish then lies with the white blind side on the bottom with both eyes looking up.
Flounder is a delicate tasting white flesh, but eat it off the bone not to waste any of the nice white flesh.

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