charter fishing

Today we were fishing Tuna City!

We had a very nice day at sea with light wind, slight sea and clear sky. With very nice and clear water at 24.4 C degrees. Unfortunately the dolphin fish were not at home at the FAD off Port Hacking, probably out chasing food. But striped tuna and bonito made of for it with multiple strikes. The fish came in at a steady pace from 70 fathom to a couple of miles of the coast. Trish and Erwin did well and filled a couple of boxes.

How do we prepare tuna for the kitchen? This not a specific cooking recipe but more about preparing fish like striped tuna, mackerel tuna and other pelagic species.
Have your trolling lines going and when you get a hook-up quickly bring in the fish, then
Bleed the fish by cutting its throat and immerse in a bin of sea water
Gut the fish and place it in a container, we use polystyrene boxes with a mix of ice and sea water to chill the body
On a cutting board, fillet the fish and skin from the head down, then
With each fillet, cut along the blood line in the middle of each side and discard the dark blood section or keep as excellent bait for next fishing trip
Now you have four pieces of fillets. Place them in a shallow container, cover with water and three or four tablespoons of salt. Put it in the fridge for about two hours
You will now find that the water has turned a little pink because the salt draws blood from the meat
Throw away the water and replace it with some inexpensive white wine and marinate for an hour.

Now it’s ready to be cooked! It can be any old recipe like a stir-fry, tossed in a frying pan with your favourite spices. So it’s boneless fish with an interesting flavour and kids like it.
Enjoy – and remember, it’s all in the preparations.

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