charter boat

We had a great day today, calm sea and no wind and fish onboard.

The day was arranged by Matt and his Australian Navy mates but we also had two overseas visitors, Martin and Triin from Estonia. It was one of those days we really like and everything is easy. With the NE wind forecast we headed north towards the cliffs off Kurnell. Crossing the bay we hooked up a couple of yellow tail king fish, unfortunately under the 65 cm Fisheries limit.
On the reef the guys did well with a steady flow of mixed fish coming in, like goat fish, snapper, wrasse, a pig fish, sweep, gummy shark and a other bits and pieces.
Here is Triin holding up the shark. They are very nice eating and can be prepared in many ways, i.e. boneless fillets, fish cocktails or any other recipe you can think of.

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