tuna and dolphin fish

We had another day with a 3 knot current running south and 25.3C water temperature. Perfect for mahi mahi!

Thank you for fishing the Port Hacking FAD last Sunday. And it was interesting to note the very good conditions after a very difficult couple of weeks with terrible sea conditions. The FAD is over twelve nautical miles east of Cronulla. As we covered the distance we ran our trolling gear and outriggers, up to seven lines in a suitable pattern. The catch rate was good with multiple tuna strikes, dolphin fish at the FAD with about seven keepers and many returned to sea. It was also interesting to catch a tagged fish with the details reported to NSW Fisheries for their research.
We discussed FADs and how they work, etc. You may be interested in looking up NSW Fisheries website for more information.
And who caught the best fish? As you would guess, the only woman onboard. Well done Maureen!

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