Well done team – landing 4+ kilo striped tunas four miles offshore!

Striped tuna or stripies are also known as skipjack. So when you find canned tuna in a supermarket, it is often skipjack. We like them a lot, great sport fish and good food. It is a streamlined, fast-swimming pelagic fish. It is a surface fish feeding on fish, crustaceans, cephalopods and mollusks.
It is also an important prey species for large pelagic fishes and sharks. It has no scales so it is easy to clean. But the key is to bleed the fish on capture and chill it down on ice and sea water. We catch stripies by trolling a range of lures, colours and sizes.
There are many ways to enjoy stripies as food, for example, chill and cut it into slices for sashimi, or cut into cubes and then wrapped in bacon and put on skewers for the bbq, cut in sections and boil and break up the meat into flakes – much better than any canned tuna and without preservatives and other additives. And don’t forget the smoke option, i.e. cut the fish in fairly thick slices and hot smoke for 10 to 20 minutes.

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