Wonderful winter weather in Sydney with 20C, clear skies and calm seas. We like it a lot!

Yes, it was a very nice day at sea today. Middle Ground produced a range of reef fish and mackerel, schooling under the boat in huge numbers. That was until Sammy the Seal arrived and stole the catch. We also had a few gear losses due to leather jackets biting off lines, hooks and sinkers.

As plan B we moved on to reefs closer to the cliffs but it was a little slow. Next thing – Plan C – was to head offshore to chase skipjack tuna. And it worked! The first landed fish was by Max as you can see in the picture. That was followed by Jeff dropping one and Herman and Jesse landing one each.

Other than the fish and seal with had some very nice humpback sightings, breaching and playing up all over the sea.


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